The Herbal Scoop

The Herbal Scoop is a Black-Owned discovery-based herbal apothecary supporting Narrowsburg and beyond. Owned by Kendra.

February 12, 2022, Visiting the herbal scoop in callicoon, ny.

Walking into this herbal apothecary was exactly what I needed to help cure my end of winter depression. Looking around the space, I immediately noticed what seemed to be like an endless amount of herbs, tinctures, and self-care products. I felt at home right away. I don’t know about anyone else, but I looove tea. I drink about 3 cups a day at minimum.

Not only did the herbs draw me in, but I also gravitated towards the art on the walls that were nestled alongside all the natural goods. I asked Kendra (the owner) about the photo of the elderly woman clutching herbs tightly in hand (photo #4 below), because she instantly reminded me of my bisabuela (great grandmother in Spanish). I learned that the woman’s name was Emma Dupree, and that she was an influential Black herbalist from North Carolina. I could sense the influence of her traditions at the shop.

After having such a great discussion with Kendra, I started asking myself - Do I know where my herbs & spices were grown? Who owns these companies? Are they yet again, wrongfully capitalizing on the traditions that come from Black/Native individuals? It's difficult to answer these questions and not think about the beginning of colonialism, which in all honesty, gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. And maybe it's just me, but traditional Black owned, farm grown herbs hits the soul different. Not to mention, I've slept so much better this week than I have in a long time. I'm thanking the addicting chamomile tea, and the rich tradition that was poured into growing it.

I walked away from this shoot learning so much. Needless to say, I’ll be a long time customer of The Herbal Scoop for sure 🌿

"All that we see, everything that is growin' in the earth, is healin' to the nation of any kind of disease." ~Emma Dupree
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Get to know Kendra

I asked Kendra if they could describe themselves in four adjectives/qualities:

-World traveler


-Food Enthusiast

-Life Long Student

I repeated to myself this morning “My green tea was grown by a farmer and world traveler” and it felt so good to say!  🦋 

Whenever you’re ready to support this incredible business, you'll now know a little more about where and who it comes from.

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