Hudson Rose Co.

Hudson Rose Co. is a Black-owned candle business. Hand crafted soy-blended candles and wax melts, made with fine perfumes & essential oils.

Based out of Harlem, NY.

February 22, 2022, my shoot with hudson rose co.

Jill and I have probably rescheduled this shoot like 5 times. We stayed patient and never gave up– allowing the universe to control when it was finally meant to happen lol. On to the best part- I’m dedicating this blog to a Black owned candle nusiness. Candles!!! I’m obsessed with them. Each one carefully and beautifully hand poured in Harlem.

You know those basic name brand candles you’re used to buying from the store? Trash. No bueno. Hudson Rose Co.'s candles are made with scents like cinnamon oil, which has benefits like stimulating your immune system, fighting viruses and decreasing stress.

What I loved the most about my conversation with Jill is that she mentioned Floree’s Apple Pie being the most sentimental and significant scent she’s ever made. Floree’s Apple Pie is a tribute to Jill’s great grandmother - Floree Rose. She used to bake these apple pies after preparing family feasts. With hints of apple, cinnamon, and clove- you can smell Floree’s family traditions right from the jar.🌹

This also is a common theme I’m noticing - the strong impacts and influence that family has on many things people do. Even through our creative businesses. It’s a lovely thing. I’m sure Floree is smiling down, feeling extremely proud of her granddaughter.
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Get to know Jill

Here’s a little Q&A because you know I love to ask questions:

1. Four words to describe Hudson Rose Co.

“Conscious, Healing, Handmade, Aromatherapy”

2. Knowing what you know now. What advice would you give to yourself, let’s say two years ago?

“The road ahead may be scary but find beauty in each obstacle or challenge. Believe in yourself, 100%. With belief in yourself you can do it all. You got this Queen! Legacy is watching you.” Legacy, being her daughter🌹

I think for many of us, the driving force behind working towards any kind of success is because we want to leave some kind of legacy behind, or stamp on the world. In many cases, this stamp is for our children or loved ones.

Supporting small businesses like Jill’s is backing that exact vision. Additionally, with understanding that Black owned business have to work ten times harder.

Without a doubt, I stand behind that because similarly I’m working towards the same goal. 🦋

Check them out yourself: